Extreme Cream and Extreme Cream Trial Si

Upside™ Extreme Relief Cream

Batch Number: MRC2520

Deep freeze and mini freeze together out

Upside™ Deep Freeze Roll-On

Batch Number: MRO2520

Power Patch.jpeg

Upside™ Power Patch

Batch Number: 203570954A01

Skin Sooth.jpeg

Upside™ Skin Soothe

Batch Number: BDL2520

Bliss Bath_005_Tif.jpeg

Upside™ Bliss Bath Lavender Bath Salts

Batch Number: BS2520

Foot Fix Package_061_Tif.jpeg

Upside™ Foot Fix Citrus Soak

Batch Number: FS2520

Orange Fruit Bites.jpg

Upside™ Orange Fruit Bites

Batch Number: 43146

Rasberry Fruit Bites.jpg

Upside™ Raspberry Fruit Bites

Batch Number: 43441

Mango Chili.jpg

Upside™ Mango Chili Fruit Bites

Batch Number: 43442

Lemon fruit bites.jpg

Upside™ Lemon Fruit Bites

Batch Number: 43441

Strawberry Bare.jpg

Upside™ Gummy Bare

Batch Number: 19041CA1516.437

CBD Melts - Package.jpg

Upside™ Mint Melts

Batch Number: CC18151

Upside Supplements CBG Soft Gels - Large

Upside™ Soft Gels

Batch Number: 0001-8170



Lot Number: 450.002-171123